Ruloans Partner Program – Your Best Opportunity to earn High Income

Pretty soon, the lockdown will completely be lifted off in major parts of India. When this happens, most of us will venture back to our jobs and start working as we used to.

But some people lost their jobs during the lockdown or are unhappy with working at lower salaries. We decided to restart the Ruloans Partner Program for all such people.

What is Ruloans Partner Program?

Ruloans Partner Program is a loan agent program where any individual can join our company and work to generate loan leads all over India. As a loan agent with Ruloans, you will be working in a specific area/region where you will work on generating and finding loan cases.

What kind of loans are included in Ruloans Partner Program?

Ruloans conducts loan business for many products such as

Who can join this special DSA loan partner program?

While any individual who has a goal to succeed and earn a high income is welcome to apply, Ruloans prefers individuals who have experience in the Banking or loan industry for a minimum of 1-2 years. This helps us improve your skills and get you ready to face the market.

As a partner, what is my main job?

After you are on board, we will first train you and allow you to work in an area. Your main job is to find loan leads, prepare their whole loan application, collect the documents, conduct proper checks, and then submit the complete file to us. On each successful disbursal, you will earn a payout (commission). 

How much can I earn in this program?

The special part of the Ruloans partner program is that there is no cap on your earnings. If you provide us with 20+ complete loan files in a month, you can even earn in lakhs per month. We have tried our best to ensure that partners get paid the earliest and that’s also our USP – We are one of the best paymasters in India.

When can I join the Ruloans Partner program?

You can apply today by FILLING THIS FORM. Once you do so, our staff will contact you to set up a face to face meeting with our managers and supervisors. This is where we will give you complete information. Once approved, you can start working for Ruloans.

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