6 easy steps to become a Loan DSA with Ruloans!

Becoming a Loan  Partner with Ruloans has many benefits. You can work flexible hours, can become your own boss, earn exciting incentives and will get an opportunity to work with an International brand! You can achieve all this in 6 extremely easy steps. Know how you can become a Loan DSA for Ruloans.


Step 1: Go to Ruloans’ official website

Through your internet browser, go to www.ruloans.com . You will be navigated to the official website of Ruloans. Or you can also click here to go to the website directly.

ruloans home page

Step 2: Click on the partner program link

On Ruloans’ webpage you will see the link of ‘Partner Program’ on the right side of page. The side bar link marked in RED will navigate you the Loan DSA application page on website.

Ruloans DSA

Step 3: Fill up the form

Once you reach on the Loan DSA application page, fill up the given form given on your left. You will require filling up your basic contact details and inserting the OTP sent to you. After that you will be navigated to the 2nd form. Here you will have to fill up your professional details and click on submit at the end.

DSA Page 1

Step 4: Give your feedback

Once you have submitted your application, you will be navigated to the feedback page on Ruloans’ website. Here, don’t forget to give us your feedback.

DSA Page

Step 5: Talk to our manager

Within 24 working hours, our manager will get in touch with you. Talk to our manager, share your details and set up a meeting.


Step 6: Become a Loan Partner Program

After your discussion with our manager, Ruloans will check your background in the industry. Considering your experience and other details you will be added to the Ruloans’ team of Loan DSA.


Isn’t it easy to become a Loan DSA for Ruloans? Fill up your application now!


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