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Earning Opportunity for all existing agents with Ruloans Loan Partner Program

Who can Become a Partner with Ruloans?

Enhance your professional status. Fire up your entrepreneurial instincts and drive into victory! Any person with interpersonal skills and a passion for success can be a part of Team Ruloans.

Loan Agent


Financial Analyst

Mutual Fund Agent

Chartered Accountant


About Loan Agent Partner

You're a Loan Agent who is knowledgeable about all types of loans offered by the financial institutions you represent and can advise people on the best options. Get your Ruloans Loan Agent Partner Advantage now and advise people on how to finance their dreams!

Help finance your clients' futures now

Personal Loans

Home Loans

Business Loans

Auto Loans and More

What Are The Eligibility Criteria For The Ruloans DSA Registration Process?

Ruloans Distribution Services Private Limited (RDSPL), a registered DSA, has partnerships with more than 265 leading Banks and NBFCs to offer loans in more than 2000 cities in India. Ruloans retail portfolio includes Personal Loans, Business Loans, Home Loans, Loan against Property or Mortgage Loans, New Car Loan , Used Car Loan & Car Refinance, Credit Cards, and more. Eligibility criteria to operate as a Loan DSA Partner or Loan DSA Franchise are as follows:


You must be over 25 years of age.


You must be a Resident Citizen of India

Educational Qualifications

There are no educational requirements to qualify as a Ruloans Loan DSA Partner

Professional Qualifications

Whether you are a working professional, or a business owner, you are welcome to register as a Ruloans Loan DSA Franchise

Process Of Ruloans DSA Registration

Registering to partner with Ruloans makes for a good start to a successful DSA career. This guide will walk you through each Online Loan DSA Registration step as you begin and grow your business.

Step -



Click on "Apply Now", fill in the Loan DSA Partner registration details, and submit along with the documents.

Step -


Expect a Call

The Ruloans support team will call you to guide and coordinate a meeting with you.

Step -



At the meeting, a Ruloans Manager will explain all you need to know, including the process to follow while generating leads.

Step -


Sign DSA Agreement

After signing the DSA agreement, you will become a Ruloans Partner and can start earning instantly.

Once you're comfortable with the processes and procedures, an agreement will be inked between you and Ruloans. Once signed and stamped, you will be an official Ruloans Loan DSA Partner running a Loan DSA Franchise.

Why Partner With Ruloans? - Benefits And Perks

Ruloans Distribution Services Private Limited (RDSPL), a one-stop-shop for all types of Loans, Credit Cards, Fixed Deposits, and Insurance covers 2000+ cities in India to serve 500 million under-served borrowers. Ruloans' 25+ years' financial products distribution legacy, 265+ partner banks and NBFCs, and yearly business of Rs 30,000+ crores bear testimony to a successful journey in the world of finance. Other than the above, the following are the reasons why you should go for Online Loan DSA Registration to partner with Ruloans as a Loan DSA Partner:

Investment Free

Instant Pay-outs

High Potential Industry

Guaranteed Success

Channel Partner Recognition

Easy Process

We partner with industry front-runners to jointly deploy and lead upwardly mobile financial aspirations!

Features And Earnings of DSA Program

In your role as a Ruloans Business Partner in our Loan DSA Partner program as a Loan DSA Franchise, you do the following:


Identify Clients


Check and Verify Leads


Help Pick Finance Provider


Expect Early Loan Disbursals

Trained to be a professional Ruloans Agent by first-class focused coaches and specialists supported by effective and superior digital backend technology and experts, you benefit from our DSA program through Online Loan DSA Registration as follows:

You earn the best and biggest pay-outs in terms of commissions. There are no restrictions on referrals and commissions. Money makes you tick.

You're your own chief. Work flexible hours with no time place restraints, while retaining your current business, or occupation. Work from wherever you are.

You're part of a promising high-potential finance industry with Ruloans, an organization set apart in terms of service and delivery with highly specialized technology and workforce. Once started, you don't want to stop.

You don't require an investment, a bank guarantee, or a security deposit to activate a highly lucrative career. We welcome you as you are.

You don't have to do any major laborious legwork or run into traffic snarls and jams. Just pass on the referral to Ruloans, and the Ruloans Team does the last mile. Just put your feet up at the end of the day and relax.

As a Ruloans Agent, you're a money-maker working on slab-wise incentives and referral bonuses for a lifetime source of income by adding newer contacts to your portfolio. With Ruloans, you don't have to worry about somebody else eating into your contact list.

If you're someone engaged by a bank, you have the chance to access Ruloan's Partner Banks and Associate NBFCs database for healthier customer service tie-ups to service your clients better.

As a Ruloans Agent, you not only receive recognition as a Channel Partner of a National Loan Distribution House, but you're also recognized at periodic rewards and awards events in India.

With Ruloans, the sky has no limits! Click here to get on the 'Millionaire Bandwagon'


Ruloans is an innovative one-stop-shop for all your financial needs, including Home Loans, Personal Loans , Credit Cards, Business Loans, Balance Transfers, Insurance, and many more.

We here at Ruloans are financial experts with a wide range of products to cater to its customers.

Ruloans is a one stop shop solution having all the financial products be it Loans, Credit Cards, Insurance or Deposits.

Step 1: Ascertain your requirement. Figure out why you need a loan and how much you need.

Step 2: Check your loan eligibility. You can find out your eligibility on our website via Ruloans Eligibility Calculator.

Step 3: Calculate monthly installments. You can calculate your EMIs using Ruloans EMI Calculator for an accurate and instant result.

Step 4: Approach the bank. You can reach our financial experts who are always on their toes to guide you to a quick loan disbursal at the most desirable rate.

Step 5: Submit documents. You can check our website for details regarding the documents required while applying for a loan.

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