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Ruloans Refer N Earn Program:

Refer and Earn has always been a rewarding concept. Keeping this in mind, we have created our very own "refer and earn" program where any person can work from home and earn high income.

All you have to do is refer any of your friends/family/colleague/or any known person that might need any kind of a loan. These are the loan products; Personal loan, Home loan, Business Loan, Car Loan, Gold Loan, Loan against Property, Doctor Loans, Credit Cards etc.

For passing the lead's contact information to us, you will help that person get the loan they desperately need. After that person gets the loan amount in their account, Ruloans will give you commission (payout).

The payout that you will get will directly depend on the loan amount disbursed through your reference. Ruloans is one of the best paymasters in India and we always pay everyone on or before time!

We have been helping customers all over India borrow right always and with your help we can continue doing so. When you help us, we will give you high payouts.

P.S - There is no cap on the payout amount you can earn. Each time a lead you refer gets a loan, you will be applicable to get a payout through us. Hence this is an opportunity of a lifetime. WORK FROM HOME and start earning high income with Ruloans Refer N Earn.

How It Works

Step 1 - First you will Visit Ruloans referral page -

Step 2 - Fill in your information (name, email, contact no, city) and then also of the person whom you are referring (name, email, contact no, city and loan amount).

Step 3 - Once we receive your information, our team will verify it and forward it to our sales team. They will work on this lead and see how quickly the loan can be given.

Step 4 - If your referred lead gets approved, you will be informed via your registered email or SMS.

Step 5 - Once the loan amount gets disbursed and the whole process is complete, Ruloans will provide you with a high payout*.

Example of Refer N Earn:

Let's take an example of a person who works as a Medical representative. This person meets Doctors on a regular basis to provide them with medicines for their clinic/hospital.

Since they talk to Doctors, they know if the Doctor is looking for a loan. The medical representative can visit Ruloans Refer N Earn page and share the Doctor's contact information and loan requirement with us.

We will work on the loan application and get in touch with the Doctor. Once the Doctor Loan application gets approved and the loan amount is disbursed, Ruloans will pay the Medical representative commission (payout).

Terms and conditions

1. Ruloans "Refer and Earn Program" is open to all existing Customers that are residents of India (except Non-Resident Indian Customers).

2. The Customer who refers a prospective customer/s to the Bank is hereinafter referred to as Referrer and such prospective customer/s is referred as Referrals.

3. Under "Refer and Earn Program", a person/customer can refer any person (except own spouse, siblings, children, parents and/or any person not resident in India) who wishes to avail of a Personal Loan/Home Loan/Business Loan/Loan against Property/Doctor Loan/Used Car Loan/New Car Loan/Gold Loan/Credit Card, etc.

4. "Refer and Earn Program" is not applicable for the Referrals received from the employees of Ruloans and its subsidiary/Group companies. This program is also not applicable for employees of Ruloans received as referrals. Ruloans employee's family members (spouse, children, mother, father, etc) will also not be considered as a referral under this program.

5. If a Referral is received with respect to an application that is already under process with any Bank before such referral reference has been received, such referral will not be eligible for Ruloans "Refer and Earn Program".

6. If more than one Referrer recommends the same prospective customer, the first one to make the Referral will be entitled to the payout. In the event of a dispute, the decision of Ruloans will be final and binding.

7. There is no limit on the number of Referrals that a Referrer can make under Ruloans "Refer and Earn Program".

8. All loans are at the sole and absolute discretion of Ruloans & Bank.

9. Ruloans reserves the right, at any time to modify / amend/ withdraw, wholly or in part, any of the terms and conditions of this Program without prior notice and without assigning any reason thereof and the same shall be binding on the Referrer at all times.

10. For making a successful referral, a Referrer is required to use the online referral form and incorporate the details of the Referral as required in the Referral Form.

11. These terms and conditions shall be governed by the Indian Laws. All disputes arising under this Program shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of courts at Mumbai/India.

12. Payout will be paid only after the loan amount is disbursed and not anytime before that.

13. Please note that all the loan referrals are subject to Ruloans serviceable locations in India.

Terms and Conditions for the Reward

1. Under Ruloans "Refer and Earn Program", upon a successful disbursal of a Loan by the Bank to a Referral, the Referrer will be eligible to get high payouts.

2. The Loan is required to be disbursed within three (3) months* from the date of reception of the online Referral for the Referrer to be eligible for the Payouts.

3. In case of successful disbursal for under construction mortgage loans, Ruloans will calculate the payouts based upon the amount of actual disbursals done.

4. The Payouts will be credited within three (3) months* of disbursal of a Loan.

5. On successful disbursal of a Loan to a Referral, the Referrer is required to provide their residential address along with their savings bank account details for the payout to be sent to them. No payout would be sent by Ruloans without all details being sent in advance.

6. The Referrer will be responsible for the accuracy of the information provided to Ruloans.

7. Ruloans will not process any Payouts without the required Permanent Account Number details of the Referrer.

8. Payouts are subject to the completeness and authenticity of information provided in the Referral Form by the Referrer.

9. In the event it is found that the Referrer has violated any of these terms and conditions of the Ruloans "Refer and Earn Program", and/or engaged in any illegal or wrongful acts under applicable laws and regulations for generating successful disbursal, then Ruloans shall be at liberty to initiate such action as it may deem fit.

Additional Undertakings from the Referrer

1. The Referrer undertakes that he/she has obtained the consent to refer and share the Referral's contact details with Ruloans under this "Refer and Earn Program".

2. The Referrer undertakes that he/she shall not refer any person/s that is not known to him/her.

3. The Referrer understands and agrees that Ruloans will contact the Referral under "Refer and Earn Program". This will over ride any "Do Not Disturb" (DND) registry or National Customer Preference Register (NCPR) that the Referral may have registered for.

4. By participating in "Refer and Earn Program", the Referrer represents that he/she is authorized and competent to refer the Referral to Ruloans under this program.