About us

Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI)

Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI) was initially set up on 2nd April 1990 under the "Act of Indian Parliament". They are an institution whose primary goal is to promote, Finance and Develop Micro, Small &Medium Enterprise (MSME) sector. SIDBI puts 100% efforts in meeting the financial and developmental needs of MSME sector so they can survive and compete in the market.

SIDBI's key initiatives since 25 years:

1. Since 25 years they have provided a cumulative assistance of approximately INR 5.40 lakh crore into MSME segment.


2. SIDBI has had a direct impact of more than 3.6 crore people/enterprises through their network of 80 offices that are spread across India.


3. Till now SIDBI has extended loans, equity and quasi-equity through its Micro Finance operations that has aggregated to INR 13,689 crore. This benefits more than 3.56 crore disadvantaged people that are mostly women.


4. SIDBI also supports more than 1.16 lakh existing entrepreneurs through their initiatives.


5. SIDBI has also developed a pool of 1000+ professionals with 22% women and 40% that belong to SC/ST and OBCs category for serving the needs of dynamic and consistently evolving MSME Sector.



Loan Scheme Eligibility Criteria Loan Tenure Loan Amount Features
TERM LOAN Minimum Promoter's Contribution: New - 33% Existing - 25% 8-10 years 10 lakh onward Helps in acquiring additional machinery / equipment.
SBL Existing MSME units to produce proof of net profits in 2 out of last 3 years Up to 10 years Up to 10 crores Credit is given for both planned and unplanned business related expenditure
WORKING CAPITAL Existing SIDBI customers having an eligible MSME unit Tenure depends as per the bank guidelines Depends on the loan applicant's financial profile To provide timely and adequate WC assistance to eligible MSMEs
PRATHAM Cases not fitting in SPEED/ SPEED PLUS will be covered 5 years Up to 3 crores Pratham covers cases of machinery finance
RLS Minimum 3 years operations 3-5 years 10 lakh - 1 crore To provide medium to long term finance for working capital
STAR Existing units with at least 2 years operations 5 years 10 lakh - 2.5 crore To acquire Solar PV Roof Top plants on its premises