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Doctor Loan

Front line workers i.e. Doctors in India have been working 24*7 so that all of us can stay healthy and live a long life. These doctors run their clinics and try helping people in remote locations as well. Most of the time, they cannot financial requirements to build, expand, or run a clinic as such. In such cases, they can take the help of Doctor Loans.

Doctor loan Features and benefits:

Here are the features and benefits of a Doctor Loan:

Doctor Loan Eligibility criteria:

Here are the eligibility criteria for a Doctor Loan:

Doctor Loan Required Documents:

Here are list of required documents for a Doctor Loan:

Degrees required to apply for Doctor Loan:

What is the purpose of a Doctor loan?

Funds from a Doctor loan give the necessary money so that Doctors can set up a clinic, X-Ray lab, purchase new types of equipment, or even for expansion/renovation of the existing clinic. There are specific purposes for which a doctor loan is granted.

Purposes for which loan is granted:


A credit score is very important for availing a doctor loan. A high credit score indicates that you have a good repayment track record and hence Banks can offer you a higher loan amount at lowest rate of interest. A bad credit score however will mean that you either get loan amount at higher interest rate or might face rejection in your loan application.

There are several ways to apply for a doctor loan. You can visit our website and compare the best interest rates online. Then you can Click Here to apply for this special loan.

You can repay your doctor loan amount through fixed EMIs. You can repay this loan amount via ECS or a standing instruction to debit your bank account on a specific date.

Doctor Loan will have an interest rate that must be paid and along with that there are possibilities of having 2 more charges i.e. processing fees and prepayment penalties. This amount will vary from Bank to Bank.