Apple Iphones rule global best selling smart phones in 2018!

2018 saw a new wave of smart phones that has a lot of utility towards customers. We saw the rise of portrait mode, Pop up selfie cameras, in-display fingerprint scanners, phones getting 4 cameras, wireless charging and bezel less screens.

Gone were the days when we utilized a mobile phone to just call and message. Now, phones have become “smart”. There is so much a smart-phone can do which almost reduces your activities.

But with that the cost of a smart phone also has been doubling with each year. It’s not affordable to spend so much of your savings to purchase high end phones. Hence the best solution here for tech lovers is to check their loan eligibility and accordingly apply for a personal loan.

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Don’t believe us? Check out the list of Top 10 smart phones which were best selling in the year 2018. (Approx Pricing as on 2nd May)

Apple Iphone X – 75,000 INR

Apple Iphone 8 – 60,000 INR

Apple Iphone 8 Plus – 70,000 INR

Apple Iphone  7- 40,000 INR

Xiaomi Redmi 5A – 6,000 INR

Samsung Galaxy S9 – 50,000 INR

Apple Iphone XS Max – 1,10,000 INR

Apple Iphone XR – 60,000 INR

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus – 55,000 INR

Samsung J6 – 10,000 INR

Yes, with the exception of Redmi 5A (6,000) and Samsung J6 (10,000), none of the phones can come under the affordable segment. These premium phones require a lot of your savings to be exhausted. But if you’re careful with your credit history, then getting a good interest deal on personal loans is highly possible.

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While you can see the whole list of Iphones have witnessed a considerable drop in sales, it still continues to lead the best phones segment by a mile. 6 out of 10 phones end up being on top of the list. That shows the superiority Apple displays in the mobile segment.

Customers all over the world understand how costly these phones are but their love for premium phones knows no bounds and hence they would do anything in order to get their hands on the best Apple phone. When savings are limited, there are many options in front of the customers. They can either opt for payments done via credit cards or simply go for the best personal loans.

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What do you think?

Is there any other phone that deserved to be on this list? Or does the Iphone deserve to be on top spot. Let us know in your comments about the same.

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