Make optimum use of the Amazon Sale with steep discounts

Why does everyone shop for a product more when the price for it is reduced by just 5% It’s simple. We like to purchase something when it is being offered for less.

Keeping this mindset, e-tailers as they are fondly called offer humongous discounts once in a while to attract customers all over the country to purchase as much as they can.

These discounts are spread on every type and tier of products. You will find discounts on products which are worth 49 rupees to products which cost 1,49,000 rupees too.

Here are some products that have been listed on Amazon:


One plus 6T – 41,999 is now 27,999

IphoneX – 91900 is now 68,999

Smart phones have become premium. Not only have their specifications upgraded but also their overall costs. Gone were the days when costly phones were only considered to be worth 20,000 and above. Now, phones have crossed the threshold of 1,00,000 rupees. Hence if you want the latest premium flagship phones in your hand, you will have to shell out a lot of money.

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Canon Mirorless camera – 49,495 is now 38,999

Amazon echo dot – 4,499 is now 3999

Amazon Fashion (19th to 23rd June) – Items have discounts which go up to 80%

Home appliances have discounts which go up to 75%

Mi Days (17th to 21st June) – Discounts up to 6,500 rupees!

Redmi 6A (3GB Ram + 32GB) – 7,999 is now 6499

Redmi 6A (2GB Ram + 16GB) – 6,999 is now 5999

Mi A2 (6GB Ram + 128 GB Inbuilt) – 20,500 is now 15,999

Mi A2 (4GB Ram + 64 GB Inbuilt) – 17,499 is now 10,999

Redmi Y2 (4GB Ram + 64 GB Inbuilt) – 13,499 is now 9,999

Redmi Y2 (3GB Ram + 32 GB Inbuilt) – 10,499 is now 7,999

Redmi 6 Pro (4GB Ram + 64 GB Inbuilt) – 13,499 is now 9,999

Redmi 6 Pro (3GB Ram + 32 GB Inbuilt) – 11,499 is now 8,999

Redmi Note 5 Pro (6GB Ram + 64 GB Inbuilt) – 17,999 is now 11,999

Redmi Note 5 Pro (4GB Ram + 64 GB Inbuilt) – 15,999 is now 10,999

Items like electronics, fashion items and home appliances have maximum discounts. These come under basic essentials which are required for every house. Hence you should not be missing out on any opportunity to redecorate your home.

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The sale is up from 15th June onward and we believe that you must utilize this opportunity. There are discounts on credit cards available too. Utilize the best schemes with credit cards applied via Ruloans. Choose and compare from variety of credit cards offered by major Banks and NBFCs in India.

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