Beat the Mumbai Heat with these amazing Tips

Is it too hot?

Well if you live in India, then the answer is surely a YES!

The heat has been blistering and Mumbaikars are finding it difficult to concentrate on anything. The heat makes you feel dizzy and drinking a lot of water is the only consolation.

We know how important it is to take care of yourself and your family as this heat can have drastic effects on all of you. Hence we have listed few tips which you can use and beat the heat!

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Keep a bottle of water handy:

No matter what happens, always carry a bottle of water. Being hydrated is what will help you survive a heat stroke and exhaustion. Also carry an extra bottle of water. You can always share it with passengers during transit or for laborers working in broad sunlight.

Wear loose cotton garments:

Clothes wise too, avoid wearing anything except cotton. Also keep the dressing as comfortable as possible so air can reach your body and you don’t feel sweaty.

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Avoid going outdoors between 12-4pm:

Plan all your activities either in the morning or at least after 4pm as the peak summer heat strikes around this time range.

Wear a hat or carry an umbrella:

It’s important to not expose your head and face during this heat. It can have bad effects on your skin and might even make you feel uncomfortable. So to avoid this, either carry an umbrella or use a hat.

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