Ramzan Special – Street Food in Mumbai

Street food in Mumbai is very famous all over India. During festivals, the street food is worth every penny. People travel from all over the country and flock to the best street food places to satisfy their taste buds.

When we speak about Ramzan, it is worth traveling from any part of India to visit Mumbai during this time and try the street food. The best part is that Mumbai street food for Ramzan is not just situated in one place. There are multiple places where you can visit and eat authentic food related to the festival of Ramzan.

So in order to help you with the best places in Mumbai for street food in Ramzan, we have listed the places down;

Mohammad Ali Road:

Anyone who lives in Mumbai has surely heard this name more than once and has visited it at least once in their lifetime. When it’s time for breaking the fast every evening, this road looks like a grand celebration with a lot of food available. They have everything from meat to desserts to soft drinks.

Bohri Mohalla and Bhendi Bazaar, Byculla:

The next most famous destination is in Byculla. There are many lanes that house street food which surely is mouth watering. You must visit this place too for mutton and desserts.

Mahim Khau Galli:

Finally, Mahim also has a street purely dedicated to special food for Ramzan. Dishes like Khichda, seekh kebab, baida roti, shawarma and Baba falooda are highlights. You must check them out!

Overall, Ramzan is here until 5th June. Until then, please do visit this place and try the amazing food. For those who are not from the city, do travel and check it out.

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