Check out important travel tips to see ICC World Cup 2019 LIVE in England!

There are so many cricket fanatics all over the world who will be flying to watch this tournament that takes place once every 4 years.

We understand how important cricket is for the fans. Hence it’s our duty to make you understand the important details that you will need in order to watch this tournament live.

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Pack all types of clothes:

Please note that England doesn’t have just one weather condition! It can be sunny, chilly and even rainy in one day. Hence keep jackets, trousers, shorts and all types of clothing in handy.

Take an Oyster Card:

An oyster card is like our Mumbai metro card which allows you to fill money in the card and travel in their metro. The best part is that your rides are discounted and the more you use it, the cheaper it gets.

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Low cost airports:

In case you aren’t going via a package, you will have to move around a lot to catch up with the matches. But don’t worry as there are many low cost airports all around the country where you can fly at reasonable rates.

Get a local sim card:

The tournament is for a good 45 days. So since this is a long time, it is wise that you opt for a sim card. This can help you talk to your near and dear ones.

Get an umbrella:

Of all the important things, the weather is so unpredictable that apart from clothes, you need to get an umbrella too. This can help you get through the weather with ease.

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