Who is Eligible for a HDFC Personal Loan?

It is common knowledge that if anyone wants a personal loan, they must fulfill the eligibility criteria by the Bank. Once they clear this eligibility, the Bank will calculate and give you a personal loan amount and interest rate which you can get.

When you apply online or offline for a HDFC personal loan, there is a set eligibility criteria for both; salaried and self employed individuals. Don’t worry. The list is not long and is not too tough to crack. It is very simple and HDFC Bank has made it very user friendly.

Here is a list of eligibility with their explanations below which you need to possess if you want to apply for a HDFC personal loan and get the lowest interest rates.

KYC Requirements

Income requirements

Job stability requirements

Individuals that belong to private limited companies and employees from public sector undertakings which includes central, state and local undertaking.

Individuals that are aged minimum 21 and maximum 60 years of age are eligible.

Individuals who have been working/have a job since the past 2 years. They also must be working since a minimum of 1 year with their current employer.

Individuals who are earning a minimum salary of Rs.15,000 as net income per month in non metro cities and Rs. 20,000 net income in metro cities like Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Cochin and Ahmadabad can apply for a HDFC personal loan.

In total, your eligibility is what matters the most. Hence HDFC Bank understands this and has made this list as simple as possible.

Once you get through with these criteria, you have to provide minimum documentation to HDFC Bank. Your loan application will then be verified and approved instantly.

Here is the list of documents required if you need a HDFC personal loan;

Identity and address proof which includes copies of passport, aadhar card, voter ID card and driving license.

Banking proof which includes bank statements of past 3 months and passbook of 6 months.

Income proof which includes latest salary slips since the past 3 months and Form 16 (for salaried individuals only).

It’s that simple to get a personal loan with these above eligibility and minimum documentation. So apply for the best HDFC personal loan online today and live all your dreams with ease.

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