HDFC Personal Loan in 10 seconds

Getting a loan approved can be a tedious process. But what if we tell you that now it would take you just few seconds to get a loan disbursed? Yes, with an HDFC personal loan, all you need is 10 seconds for your personal loan to get disbursed. HDFC account holders have a lot of benefits associated and they can get better offers and deals than other customers.

If you have an account with HDFC bank, you are eligible to apply and get pre approved personal loans online. HDFC sends you notifications and mentions a personal loan amount and interest rates which you are eligible for. The best part of a pre approved loan is the fact that since you are already an existing member, HDFC bank calculates your eligibility and estimates a loan amount for you. You don’t have any documentation to fulfill because the Bank already ahs your necessary documents. All you need to do is provide your approval that you need the loan. HDFC bank then disburses the loan amount in your account which takes roughly 10 seconds*.

Features of a HDFC pre approved personal loan:

This is a paperless personal loan which makes this a hassle free loan.

HDFC personal loans which are given to their own customers are paperless. This is because all the offers are mentioned online and there is no physical form. This saves the customer with lot of documentation and also saves the environment.

This is a time saving scheme as customers don’t have to wait for loan disbursal:

Customers don’t waste time in researching, planning and applying for personal loans. They get a message sent by the Bank which mentions personal loan amount they are eligible for. Hence they can decide if they want the loan or no.

Lower Interest Rates:

Personal loans are being provided from 11.25%* onward. If you are an HDFC customer, you might get better interest rates and even better terms along with conditions.

Loan amount and tenure:

Personal loans from HDFC range from 12 to 60 months. You can also get loan amounts between 50,000 and 40 lakhs. Yes, HDFC will certainly calculate your eligibility and provide a loan amount as per that. It is up to you if you want the loan or no.

Low processing fees:

Charges in a HDFC personal loan application is lower than others. There are lower or no hidden charges associated with personal loans.

Overall, HDFC provides hassle free personal loans to every customer and ensures they have a peaceful experience while applying for personal loans.

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