How to Purchase the Latest iPhones on EMI Using a Personal Loan

Many people like iPhones for their appearance, performance, and the fact that they belong to the Apple brand recognized by everyone. The most recent release of the product is the fourteenth series of iPhones with four models: iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max, and iPhone 14 Plus. Nonetheless, paying cash all at once may not be convenient; hence, choose to pay in bits but acquire the device anyway. The latest iPhone purchase on EMI option on a credit card will be described using a personal loan.

List of Latest iPhone Models Available for EMI Purchase

You can choose from the following iPhone models for EMI purchase:

  1. iPhone 15 Pro Max
    • Starting at approximately INR 1,50,000
    • Features a classy design, powerful camera, iOS 16 technology, high battery life, and a smooth UI.
  2. iPhone 15 Pro
    • Priced at around INR 1,30,000
    • Offers a 120Hz refresh rate, available in silver, gold, purple, and black colours, and enhances your communication and productivity.
  3. iPhone 15 Plus
    • Available at approximately INR 89,000
    • Comes with upgrades in features, interface, camera, and processors, along with wireless charging and extended battery life.

Iphone prices shown above are estimation which differ on marketplaces.

Using a Personal Loan for Shopping

If you’re interested in buying the latest iPhone on EMI, you can settle for personal shopping. You are granted a personal loan, and you can access money almost immediately after the approval, thus continuing your purchase immediately without having money problems. With the personal loan, for this reason, the following will provide the gains:

  • No Need for Lump Sum Payment: You don’t have to assemble a significant lump sum payment from different sources.
  • Avoid Borrowing from Friends and Family: If you can get a person’s credit, you can avoid borrowing money from friends and family.
  • Flexible Repayment: As a borrower, you will receive money upfront and repay it slowly in small amounts.
  • No Collateral Required: Personal loans do not require any personal assets to be offered against them as collateral.
  • Choose Your Repayment Structure: The repayment construction that you select can be picked with flexibility in personal lending.
  • Convenient Online Application: To avoid manual calculations, utilize an online personal loan EMI calculator.

How to Apply for Ruloans Personal Loan

If you’re ready to apply for a personal loan to make your iPhone purchase, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the official Ruloans website.
  2. Thoroughly review the loan terms and conditions.
  3. Click on “Apply Now.”
  4. Log in using your phone number and verify the OTP.
  5. Ensure you have all the required personal loan documents on hand.
  6. Check your CIBIL score for eligibility.
  7. Evaluate your financial situation and choose a repayment tenure that suits your needs.
  8. Select your personal loan details, including the loan amount, and submit your application.


Many dream of owning the latest iPhone, which brings a sense of pride and confidence. If you’re eager to get your hands on these powerful devices, consider purchasing an iPhone on EMI without a credit card through an instant online personal loan. 

Check your eligibility using Ruloans’ online eligibility calculator and apply now to turn your dream into reality.

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