Which Bank is best for personal loan in India?

We know it is very difficult to manage your expenses, keep up with the lifestyle and also earn enough income to suffice all your needs. When in trouble we will always seek out for help from all the sources we can. At the end, people resort to taking different loans for different needs which they can repay at fixed installments.

When people have a cash crunch for a variety of reasons, the best solution is an instant personal loan. This is because you can use the loan amount for almost anything like;

Paying off your older debts

Go for a world tour

Renovate your house

Marriage and many more.

Hence personal loan is the most popular loan for customers in India. Since this loan has such popularity among the masses, there are many Banks and NBFCs in India that provide personal loans to people who fit their criteria.

As a common man, you will have to choose from a variety of options available. This can get tough as there are more than 25+ banks and NBFCs that have attractive deals. You will have to research the interest rates being offered by a majority of Banks and NBFCs.

Here’s where Ruloans comes into the picture. You can log on to our web portal and compare interest rates of majority Banks and NBFCs that are offering personal loans at attractive interest rates.

Here are some Banks and NBFCs that are offering personal loan at different interest rates.

Bank/NBFC Interest Rate
Axis Bank 11.25% onward
Citi Bank 10.99% onward
ICICI Bank 11.25% onward
IndusInd Bank 11.00% onward
HDFC Bank 11.25% onward
IDFC Bank 11.50% onward
Fullerton India 17.25% onward
Tata Capital 11.75% onward
Kotak Bank 11.50% onward
IIFL 12.99% onward
Capital First 14.00% onward
SCB 10.99% onward
PNB 12.00% onward
RBL 13.99% onward

These are some of the best offers available in the market. Check these deals and choose the best bank as per your requirements. Apply via Ruloans and get the best deals available.

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