How Ruloans partner program works for Used Car Loans

What is a used car loan?

Used Car Loans are loans that are given to any person that want to purchase a second hand/pre owned vehicle. You can also call these loans as second hand car loans and pre owned car loans. The benefit of applying for used car loans is that you get it at a cheaper rate when compared with new car loans.

Hence used car loans help in cost savings which would not have been possible if you were purchasing a new car. With the growing popularity of used car loans, Banks and NBFCs are looking to provide tailor made and customer friendly car loans to customers all over India.

Why should I join the partner program?

The loan partner program allows you to convert the right customers in an efficient way. This is because when you join a partner program, you get associated with a brand that has many partners which includes Banks and NBFCs. That makes your job easier and more streamlined.

Why join Ruloans partner program for used car loan?

Ruloans began the loan partner program to expand their presence in the loan industry and showcase the power of being a top brand. In the past few years, Ruloans loan partner program has attracted over thousands of loan agents who want to join our program. This is because there are maximum benefits like faster payouts as compared to other brands. As a used car loan partner, you would seek for eligible applicants who might need a used car/ second hand/ pre owned car loan.

There are 2 ways how our partner program works for used car loans;

In the first option, you must complete all the work right from finding the applicant, getting their loan application complete and then submitting the file to us.

In the second option, you must share the lead which you have found and submit their loan requirements. Ruloans will then complete the loan process and maintain the file until the loan application gets approved.

When do I get paid?

Once a month, your payout will be released. The mantra here is of “Higher the leads converted, higher will be your payouts. Ruloans is one of the best paymasters in India. Hence you can expect better response and quicker payouts if you can generate more leads and convert them.

How do I join the partner program?

You can join our loan partner program by simply visiting our website and filling a special form made only for the partners. Once you fill our form, we shall set up an appointment with you and discuss how we can take this association forward. Together with your effort and our support, you can grow your income substantially.

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