What are the activities does a DSA Do?

Ruloans has been in the loan industry for more than 2 decades. In these years, we have created a customer base PAN India and also created hubs (offices) so that it becomes easier to find us. 

Ruloans has been successfully running the loan DSA program since few years and you can find DSA loan agents spread throughout India finding and generating loan leads for various loan types like; Home loan, Business loan, New Car loan, Personal loan, Gold loan, Used car loan, Loan against Property, Credit Card, Deposits, etc.

Why become a DSA?

Becoming a DSA allows you to earn a high income each month as per your terms. You can work part-time or full time and choose your working hours. You can work on weekdays or weekends and decide how many hours of effort you wish to put in. 

What are the activities of a DSA?

Direct sales associates that belong to Ruloans have to follow a set of activities. Through training, we hone your skillset and ensure you can confidently get in the field. Here is a list of activities a DSA must follow:

  • Maintain data – Data is important for our business. With clear and precise data, you can create a database that can be used at a later stage for remarketing.
  • Covering more ground – A DSA gets better when he/she travels and covers farther distance. When you cover a large ground, there are higher chances to turn prospective clients into leads.
  • Creating a network – A successful DSA from Ruloans will create contacts in his/her network. This network will help him/her get leads directly. But it is very important to create a strong network as this can help you earn a high income.
  • Being flexible – Being flexible helps you grow in your career. If you deal just in 1 loan product, you can generate limited loan leads. But if you work for multiple products, generating multiple leads is possible that indirectly increases your earning potential.
  • Follow-up with Customers and Ruloans – At the end of the week/month, you must constantly follow up with prospective customers. Not only that but you must also follow up with your manager in Ruloans about your progress. If you are stuck, Ruloans is always there to find a way out for you.

So these are the activities, a DSA must perform. If these interest you, then you can visit our website and apply via clicking this form – Click Here

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