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With the advent of 2020, we have entered a new decade. This is the decade for innovations and new ideas. Every year, there are similar things that take place like,

  • The common man in India has decided on their new year resolutions.
  • Children are preparing themselves for final exams.
  • Self-employed / entrepreneurs are trying to improve profit & Sales!
  • Service personnel is trying to achieve their never-ending targets.
  • Some are making ideas & preparations for the new financial year.
  • Some are planning holidays to exotic locations in the world. 
  • Some are looking for a new beginning.

After-effects of COVID-19 on the world:

In this world of a constant move and fast pace, we would say hectic also, the after-effects of COVID-19 has given us a reality check. We now know the importance of good health and probably rethink in times to come how we need to live our lives healthily.

Since the past 100+ years, mankind has not witnessed such a pandemic. This brought the whole world under lockdown. Every country whether under-developed, developing or advanced is now sitting at home trying to be safe by practicing social Distancing and wearing a mask.

This is the new norm adopted by almost every country. Every day we sit across our TV sets & smart-phones hoping to see positive news & a major change in news channels.

The mantra Ruloans wishes for you to follow is “Stay Safe and Stay at Home“.

Businesses are taking the ONLINE route:

In the last decade, we have seen a great shift in terms of how companies are using technology and data. This is being used to communicate, buy, sell, thereby giving consumers experience at their home/at their fingertips. This did affect their offline store footfalls too.

The online/e-commerce segment is already garnering pace and grow in the market with each year(Amazon, Flipkart, Bigbasket or Fintech, etc.)

With the Coronavirus, some segments have continued to show improvement like education, e-commerce, entertainment & IT to name a few. With their efforts, our economy has continued to move upwards. Businesses have taken note of this and have understood that they need to improvise their business, to be in line with the digital/ online world.

How Can Ruloans help you?

Ruloans is one of the oldest and largest pioneers since 2000 in distribution both loans and credit cards. We source all types of retail loans like Personal loan, home loan, Business loan, Mortgage loan, Credit card, Car loan, Gold loan, Machinery loan, Working Capital & Project loans. We also have a presence across almost 750 +cities in PAN India.

Ruloans believes in seeking new ideas and innovations. We saw how the world is moving digitally and hence launched our website to further utilize this online space to grow and help our consumers and partners worldwide.

History has said that humans have always overcome such grave disasters and the Coronavirus pandemic will be no exception. While we all sit in lockdown, some working from home, some doing regular exercise, some would be filled with innovative “Ideas“ that they would like to pursue in the future.

We at Ruloans wish to tell you that if you believe in your IDEA, we believe in YOU! We are here to source your ideas financially and help you grow in the market. So contact us on [email protected] and share your idea with us!

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