What are the Advantages of Being a DSA?

The loan partner program is one of the most lucrative ways for any working-class individual to generate high income. With our PAN India network spread across 600+ cities in India, you can find our executives spread across each region looking to generate loan leads and help customers borrow in the right manner.

Ruloans has multiple “Direct sales agents” that have been found out through our famous DSA program. With this program, we find exceptional individuals that wish to grow their careers and earn their livelihood. The more you wish to earn, the more we help you.

Any DSA from Ruloans will look to gain as much ground as possible and utilize our PAN India network so they can generate loan leads. Apart from this, there are tons of advantages that a Ruloans loan partner has. We have listed them below:

  • Work as per your convenience – The best part about the Ruloans DSA loan partner program is that you can work at your convenience. There is no set time and days of the week where you must work. You can work on weekdays and weekends and from 9-5 pm or 9-9 pm also.
  • Be your boss – With Ruloans, we allow individuals to be their boss. They can work alone or set up an office with our help and handle executives. Hence we create leaders that can lead by example and generate multiple loan leads.
  • Utilize Ruloans network in 500+ locations – Ruloans has covered more than 500+ locations and hence we have people in remote locations too. So, as a Ruloans DSA, you can utilize our network and gain coverage in every area.
  • No limit on monthly earnings – Yes. Ruloans doesn’t keep a limit on monthly earnings. You can earn as much as you wish. If you bring more loan leads, you will earn a higher payout (income). Hence try your best to bring as many leads as possible.
  • Faster payouts – Ruloans is the best paymaster in India. You can expect quicker payouts every month as we believe in paying our loan partners on time. This allows them to be motivated and work harder than before. 

So these are some of the advantages, a DSA can enjoy when they join our loan partner program. In case you wish to join our Ruloans partner program, Click Here.

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