Top 5 Monsoon Destinations within Maharashtra

Monsoon and Travel are two words which go well with each other. It’s a new experience altogether to travel. With the monsoons coming to Mumbai anytime now, here’s a list of 5 destinations around Maharashtra you can travel


Post Lonavla and Khandala, the next famous place is Matheran. At some point of time, you or someone you know has been to this fun place. It’s crowded during the rains and the reason for this is the weather here is always pleasant and cold. You can even hop aboard the toy train which is not something you get to do in the city. It’s a 90 km ride away from Mumbai but you can head there via Karjat or Neral. Its close by from there.


Yes, Kolad is one of such places which you must visit in the rains. Apart from the scenic beauty and pleasant rainy weather, this place also offers River rafting which no one else does within Maharashtra. This is your perfect place for a vacation with both family and friends. This is a 4 hour car ride away from Mumbai and around 130 kms away.


One of the most unexplored places till 2015, Dapoli is now a regular tourist spot thanks to the clean beaches, the beach facing homestays and resorts and finally the food. The weather, the watersports and the people are very good and you must definitely visit this place during the rains. This is 210 kms away from Mumbai and the nearest railway station is Khed.

4.Shrivardhan and Harihareshwar:

Shrivardhan and Harihareshwar also one of such places which have a lot of history associated with it. The weather, the scenery and the beaches here are amazing. There is no way you must miss out on such a view during the rains. This is 200 kms away from Mumbai and very near to Dapoli.


One more such place which should not be missed out by you is Diveagar. This small village has a beach and few temples which is really good. During the rains, the weather here is very pleasant. This is 190 kms away from Mumbai.

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