Ruloans Partner Program: Best Opportunity for CA’s, Builders and Real Estate Agents

Today, the market is trying to revive back in India. People are trying to restart the right way so they can secure their family’s future. Many are looking for jobs where they can become their boss.

As job security is not guaranteed anymore, we have a solution where Builders, Real estate agents, and Chartered accountants can help many people get their dream job opportunities and earn a side income.

That solution is our special “Ruloans Partner Program“.

But why will Builders, Real estate agents, and Chartered accountants want to be part of this program?

  • Today, being a CA is a huge responsibility as you must manage and advise your clients in all their financial matters. You become like their guide to manage their money and improve their business. 
  • Builders, Architects, and real estate agents are the first people you call when you want to buy/build a home/complex etc. 

Ruloans understands how important it is for you to ensure that your clients grow as their growth = your growth. That’s why we are offering you a special partner program that has been specially designed to cater to professionals like CAs, Builders, Real estate agents, etc.

What’s in the Ruloans Partner program?

After you join us as a Partner, your task will be to either,

  • Find clients that need a loan and provide their details to us (Refer N Earn) or
  • Find clients that need a loan. Take their details, complete their whole loan application form, get the documents, and submit the whole case file to us (Ruloans Partner Program).

In both cases, you will be paid a handsome payout. For your information, agents at the Ruloans Partner Program will get a higher payout than that of “Refer N Earn“.

About Us – Ruloans is one of India’s leading loan distributors with experience spanning more than 20 years. We have partnered with major banks and NBFCs to source loan products such as personal loanshome loansbusiness loansloans against propertyused car loanscredit cardshome loan balance transfer, etc. We have a PAN India presence and when you connect with us, you will offer a one-stop solution of secured and unsecured loan funding to your clients.

So don’t miss out on this golden opportunity of growth and success for yourself and your clients. Apply today to become a partner with Ruloans.

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