Ruloans Partner App – Taking Loan Referrals to New Heights

Referring has been an art that has been with us since ages. No matter whatever it is that we need, we are always referred to a certain thing by someone always. This has also beaten many advertising methods too. A top actor or actress might advertise about certain product but most of the times only when you are referred by a friend or a known person, you make the decision of purchasing that product.

Hence in the past few years, the concept of “Refer and Earn” began to gain momentum. There are many companies and service providers that give varieties of discounts, cash backs and schemes for customers who refer their product / service and bring new people on board. You can earn a lot of such rewards each time you refer a person and he or she will either buy the product or utilize the service.

Ruloans has been in the loan industry business since the past decade and has actively helped over thousands of happy customers borrow rightly. We believe in providing services that are much more than money. Keeping this in mind, we have now moved into the digital age and have launched our maiden app titled “Ruloans Partner”. In this app, we plan to take loan referrals to new heights. Yes, now a common man can refer any type of a loan for any of their friends/relatives/colleagues/acquaintances all over India. All this can be done by installing the Ruloans partner app via Play store for Android.

What are the benefits for you as a loan referrer?

When you refer a person on our app who requires any type of a loan like Personal loan, Business loan, Home loan, Car Loan, Loan against property, Gold loan etc you help us in getting a customer whom we can help in borrowing right. When you help us in getting a customer, we ensure that you get a reward for it too. So when the person you referred on the app gets the loan approved via Ruloans, we pay you a commission. Yes, this commission percentage will vary in all loan products.

There is no cap in earning though. This means you can refer as many leads as possible. If you refer 10 people and they all get their loans approved via Ruloans, you will get a commission for all of those 10 loans.

So what are you waiting for?

Install the app today via Play store and begin earning a lot of money.

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