This is one of the three requests made few weeks ago by the Prime Minister of India “Narendra Modi” on his radio program “Mann Ki Baat 2.0”.

What is Jal Shakti?

This is a new ministry made which will include ministers from Water resources and Drinking & Sanitation. Gajendra Singh Shekhawat will be the man in charge of Jal Shakti.

What will the Jal Shakti Minsitry work on?

All issues based on water conservation, resolving water disputes and cleaning many polluted rivers will be taken up by this ministry.

When will the Jal Shakti campaign begin?

It has already begun and is on its first phase! The government wants to harvest as much rainwater as possible so we can utilize it during the summer period. Also, “RECYCLE and REUSE will be the main focus of Jal Shakti Abhiyan!

Why should we focus on water?

We must focus on water because;

Chennai is on the brink of being the first state without water reserves.

There is a lot of water shortage and NITI aayog’s report states that by 2020 we will have depleted majority of our water reserves.

More than half our population doesn’t get to enjoy clean drinking water.

Hence before we lose everything, it is time to understand and save water!

What can we do as “Aam Aadmi”?

There’s a lot you can do. You can stop wasting water and utilize only how much you need. Few housing complexes have begun taking steps to store water through this rainfall. They will use this water when there is water shortage. So your society can do the same too!

If you have any such story or progress made by someone to save water, kindly tag our honorary Prime Minster on Twitter @PMOIndia and let him know. He has asked everyone to be part of this movement to make it a success!

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