India’s gold demand up by 5% in first half of 2019

There are many auspicious days dedicated for weddings throughout 2019. And we all know that Indian weddings are synonymous with Gold. Whether you are gifting gold or making gold coins or even wearing them, Gold finds its way somehow in weddings.

It’s been a tradition to add Gold to any auspicious occasion of an individual living in India. We also have few days dedicated in a year just to purchase gold as it is considered being lucky.

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Earlier gold was bought offline. But as the technology upgraded, we now can purchase gold online. Yes, many gold providers have begun providing schemes online where you can purchase gold for as low as 1 rupee.

This and the rupee have been resisting the dollar surge by giving it tough competition. Due to this, the gold prices were always not rising to a high level. Favorable market conditions and purchasing power helped customers in buying a lot of gold which totals to 159 tonnes.

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Purchasing gold has been a good investment option. Moreover it has also come handy in times of cash crunch situations. You can apply for gold loans using your gold where you can keep it as collateral and get a good loan amount. Hence, this is a huge benefit which you can use for your benefit.

Applying for a gold loan via Ruloans can help you in times when you need cash urgently. You can choose and compare gold loans being provided by major Banks and NBFCs.

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