Hidden Benefits of HDFC Personal Loan

A personal loan can be taken for multiple reasons. It’s a type of unsecured loan, thus people many times over think before opting for a personal loan. But when it comes to HDFC’s personal loan, you can trust them blindly as they offer customized personal loans with special interest rates. Applying to HDFC personal loan with Ruloans gives you extra benefits.

  1. Loan for multiple reasons:

You can opt for HDFC personal loan to fulfill your any and every need. HDFC offers customized personal loans that mean the loans are designed as per the applicant’s needs. It is offered with unique interest rates, easy EMIs, special offers and other minimal charges. Not only can the old but also new customers of HDFC also avail these benefits. You don’t even have to disclose the reason behind taking the HDFC personal loan.

  1. Eligible for everyone:

HDFC personal loan can be opted by anyone. Be it self employed, salaried or businessman; HDFC gives personal loan up to 15 lakh with a 5 year repayment option. You can check your eligibility for HDFC personal loan by clicking here. Plus you don’t have to provide any security or guarantee to access the loan.

  1. Easy application process:

You can quickly apply to HDFC personal loan through Ruloans. It requires minimum documentation. Check your eligibility, upload documents and you will be contacted with our experts for further notifications. You can check your application online on Ruloans website. The disbursement happens as quickly as in 48 hours.

  1. Easy loan balance transfer:

HDFC offers lower EMIs and helps you to save on your interest rate. So you can easily transfer your ongoing personal loan to HDFC. HDFC offers 11.29%* interest rate on loan balance transfer with mere Rs. 1499* as processing fee.

  1. Bank relationship benefits:

If you have an account with HDFC bank and have a strong relationship with bank, you are in for a treat! HDFC offers special interest rates, charges and unique offers for its loyal customer. You just have to mention that you are the family!

  1. Special interest rates:

HDFC offers lower interest rates when it comes to personal loans. There are specific low interest rates offered to women borrowers. Women borrowers are offered with HDFC Bank Personal Loan Diva. The interest rate ranges from 11.49 – 19.50%*.

  1. Lowest processing fee:

HDFC personal loans offer Rs. 999 or 1% to 2.5% processing fee for loans. They do not have any hidden charges. So getting a personal loan doesn’t drill a hole in your pocket by any way. Even the foreclosure charges are from 0% to 4%*.

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