Know the Types of Home Loans offered by HDFC

A house built with stones and steel becomes home when a family stays in. Every Indian wants such a home for his or her family with their names not only on the door but also on the house deed. To fulfill India’s dreams, HDFC offers various types of home loans. You can choose any one as per your needs from below given options:

  1. HDFC Home Loan:

This type of loan is offered to people who want to buy or construct a new house. If buying then it need not to be a new house. The loan borrower can avail a loan for an old house or for re-purchasing a house. The borrower can get the loan on his/her name or can add co-applicant on the deal.

  1. HDFC Home Improvement Loan:

Buying house is not always enough. You need various amities and furniture in the house. Today having a fully equipped house is a necessity. But getting such a house is not an easy task as it requires an enormous amount of funds. But here HDFC home loan helps you to purchase of the necessary things for your house and improve it in all aspects.

  1. HDFC Home Extension Loan:

Many times people wish to further construct or renovate their existing house. Like adding an extra floor or renovating the exteriors and interiors keeping the original structure the same.  These loans are becoming popular day by day as people are more interested in renovating or improving the condition of their existing house than buying a new one. Also this type of loan offers similar interest rates as basic home loan. HDFC helps people to make suitable changes in their homes without having to worry about funds.

  1. HDFC Limited Home Loan for Farmers and Rural Areas:

People living in rural area who are engaged in various agriculture related businesses, can avail this specific loan by HDFC to fulfill their housing dreams. Agriculturists, planters, horticulturists and dairy farmers from rural area can avail this loan. This loan is given to construct houses on residential plots, purchase of a new house and extension or renovation of an existing house.

  1. HDFC Home Loan for Agriculturists:

This loan is specifically offered to farmers who are living in villages. The farmers who want to purchase an old or new property in their village or in city can opt for this type of loan. To be eligible to get this type of loan, the farmers have to give the details of the agricultural land owned by them along with the details of which crop they grow on that land. They don’t have to mortgage their land for this loan but have to shot the IT returns with the required documents.

  1. HDFC Rural Housing Finance:

This type of loan is given to all the salaried (government and self employed) and self-employed people who want to purchase a property in rural area. The loan is given to purchase residential land or apartment in rural sector specifically. Even NRIs can also opt for this type of loan to purchase property in rural area.

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