Finance Tips To Learn From Your Mother

Being a mother is not easy. It’s a 24 hour job where you don’t have a space to take a break. A mother is the only person in this world who sacrifices her body, sleep, patience, energy, social life and many times her career and aspirations for love! A mother teaches many great things to her child. As children and even as adults we learn many things from our mother directly or indirectly. This mother’s day we want to share a few financial tips which you can learn from your mother…


Saving is a great way to spending

Everyone loves spending their money on shopping goods and services. Some purchases are mandatory where as some we can avoid. Our mothers know exactly what we should buy and what we shouldn’t. As they always keep us away from junk food, they keep us away from junk purchasing. But many times even we see our mothers spending a lot and wonder how do they manage that?

Well the secret is: saving. Our mothers whether they are working or not, always manage to save a specific amount of sum every month. Be it in a legitimate bank account, mutual funds or in a grain jar in kitchen, they always save! When the time comes, they use these saved funds to spend. Thus even if they go a little rogue on spending on a purchase, they do not get themselves in any financial debacle.

So learn these amazing saving habits from your mother to spend wisely.


Emergencies come without knocking your door

A person faces many ups and downs throughout his/her life. We have seen our mother being the strong backbone of our family in case of emergencies. She always stands tall and helps everyone tirelessly when an emergency arrives. Be it helping physically or financially, she never backs out. This is a very important lesson to learn from our mother that we should never back down on an unannounced emergency and we should always be prepared for it.

So take inspiration from your mother and start saving for an emergency fund as soon as you can. Be it in mutual funds or a savings account; invest your money wisely so you’ll be benefitted in a situation of emergency.


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