Why A CA Should Become a DSA Loan Partner With Ruloans?

A CA i.e. a chartered accountant is considered as an expert in accounting and auditing. CAs do statutory audits, they look after taxation matters, provide consultancy services, they do internal audits, define & implement SOP i.e. Standard Operation Procedure for the organization, they do cost & financial analysis, they provide evaluation services and much more. CAs are an important part when it comes to handle financial matters.

Becoming a CA is a very difficult job. One has to invest blood, sweat and a lot of quality time studying to become a CA. It takes a minimum 3-4 years of hard work to become a CA. It is known as the toughest course in India. As of November 2017, only 22.76%* people passed the final CA exam in India that year. The need for these specialists is increasing day by day. As CA is a very respectable profession, people trust them the most when it comes to financial advisory.

We, at Ruloans understand the struggle you go through to become a CA. We believe that you should be able to enjoy the perks of your position to the fullest as you worked so hard to achieve the success you deserve. Thus Ruloans has come up with a special and exclusive DSA loan partner program for CAs. You can share a loan lead with us and earn good incentives once it’s disbursed. This will enable you to increase your professional network, will give you a chance to connect with a brand which has pan India presence, you will be able to earn extra profits and can work very flexible hours. You just have to share the leads with us and we will do the rest of the job. We will contact the lead, follow through the loan procedure and maintain the data books. So let us do all the heavy lifting for you once you get a loan lead!

As a CA, you are a valued trustee of world class financial competency, good governance and competitiveness. We at Ruloans, share the same values as you do. So join us to help our customers borrow right as we believe in much more than money.

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