Fees & Charges of HDFC Gold Loan

Gold is considered as an investment option. But did you know that it can do much more than just stay as an investment? Yes, you can also use your gold and get a loan from any Bank or NBFC offering such a service.

Gold loan has been one of the best options used by people in India when they require huge amount of cash. This is because you can get the best gold loan in the quickest time possible.

Within India you can get gold loan in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and many other states. There are multiple Banks and NBFC’s like HDFC Bank that offer the best gold loan to customers who need it.

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Before you could opt for it, we suggest you read the features of HDFC gold loan. Once you do that we must tell you more about the fees and charges that are associated with a HDFC gold loan.

Understanding these fees and charges will help you in applying for the best gold loan available in India.

  1. 1.Loan Processing Charges – 1.5% + GST
  2. 2.Valuation Fee – Fees start from Rs 250 for HDFC gold loan up to Rs 1.5 lacs & Rs 500 for loan over & above Rs 1.5 lacs.
  3. 3.Foreclosure charges – 2% + GST Foreclosure charges if gold loan is closed within 3 months. Nil Foreclosure charges if HDFC gold loan is closed after 3 months
  4. 4.Late payment charges (LPC) of loan amount – LPC is 2% p.a. over & above applicable rate of interest.
  5. 5.Stamp Duty & other statutory charges – Will be completely as per the applicable laws of the State
  6. 6.Renewal Processing Fees – Rs 350 + GST

If you want to apply for the best gold loan via HDFC Bank, Apply here – https://www.ruloans.com/hdfc-gold-loan.htm

Reference for fees and charges – https://www.hdfcbank.com/personal/borrow/loan-against-assets/gold-loan/fees-and-charges


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