Features of HDFC Gold Loan

Gold is an investment and we Indians have taken it a step ahead. For us, this is the ultimate investment. Whether it’s for personal jewelry or to save for marriage and future expenses, Indians prefer to use gold as an investment.

Hence it won’t be surprising to know that India is always in the Top 3 countries that purchase gold. Keeping this in mind, Indian Banks and NBFCs always offer gold loan at attractive schemes where every customer can benefit.

HDFC Bank is one such lender that has the easiest and hassle free process for the best gold loan. If you apply through Ruloans, your HDFC gold loan process will be approved quickly and they have minimum documentation. There’s a lot more to know and hence we have listed down few features of HDFC’s gold loan that you must know!

  1. 1. Loan Amount:

You can apply for a HDFC gold loan at a minimum amount of 25,000 rupees in urban areas and top tier states. When it comes to rural areas, the minimum loan amount starts at 10,000 rupees only.

  1. 2. Interest Rates:

You must know that HDFC Bank Gold Loan always comes with competitive interest rates on Term Loan, Overdraft and EMI based loans. You are given an option to repay your loan in easy lower EMIs and you also get to choose the loan tenure as per your choice.

  1. 3.Tenure:

HDFC Gold Loans can be given for tenures that start from 6 months onward and will go up to a good 48 months.

  1. 4.Repayment:

You only have to repay the interest on the loan amount every month. You will have to do this until the loan tenure ends.

  1. 5.Processing and Approval:

HDFC is considered as the best bank for gold loans because of their fast turnaround time. When you apply here, you get minimum and simple documentation along with speedy disbursals. You don’t need to pay any hidden charges.

Within India you can gold loan in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and many other states. Apply for the HDFC best gold loan and unlock the true power of your gold. Apply Here – https://www.ruloans.com/hdfc-gold-loan.htm

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