Top 4 Advantages of Gold as an Investment in 2020

When do we Indians buy Gold?

We buy it when we plan for our own or our children’s wedding.

Some will buy Gold when they see the stock market falling.

Some wish to buy it when inflation has affected our local currency.

These are some of the top reasons why one would buy Gold in India.

But is Gold worth buying today? This is one question that everyone is asking as this pandemic has caused a loss of income in almost every household. In such time, handling general expenses gets difficult.

Then how can we plan to invest in Gold?

While this is a valid question, we want to let you know that investing in Gold when the value is down will help you to gain a lot in life. To make it easy for you, we have listed the Top 4 advantages that prove that Gold is one of the best investments in 2020.

1. Gold is known to retain value:

Yes, Gold is a limited commodity. Hence its value will decrease to a certain point but it can increase to a high level. If you buy it today, the value can go higher and higher. When you feel like it has reached a high point, you can sell it and make a profit.

2. Gold has multipurpose uses:

Gold is one of the rare commodities that can be used to create various types of jewelry and electronic items. Hence the demand for gold will always be on the higher side.

3. Gold can be easily converted:

One of the best parts of having Gold is that it can be easily converted. Since it is accepted almost everywhere in the world, you can always get out of a difficult problem by using your Gold.

4. Gold is the best investment to diversify your portfolio:

While mutual funds and the stock market are subject to a huge amount of market risks, a Gold investment can help you in diversifying the high risk in your portfolio.

So tell us, are you now convinced about how Gold is one of the best investment options in 2020. If you wish to get the best Gold loan in India or lowest interest rates on Gold loans, then visit Ruloans as we will give you the best deals available in the market today.

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