3 Amazing ways to get a Gold loan in India during lockdown

Gold prices have crossed 50,000 INR for 10 grams. Yes, exactly a year ago the rate was 36,000 INR per 10 grams. Within 1 year, the price has increased by 14,000 rupees. This goes to show how much value Gold has for Indians.

Now that everyone is struggling with expenses during lockdown, what better than Gold to save you? Yes, your gold can be the hero you’ve been waiting for. By pledging it as collateral with a Bank you can get a Gold loan and solve all your financial problems.

But how can you do that now with the lockdown restricting your travel? Keeping this in mind, here are some suggestions which we have listed specially for every Indian. Follow any of these that is as per your convenience.

1.Apply for Gold loan ONLINE:

As we are promoting Digital India, everyone is now starting to apply for loans online. With lockdown affecting your travel, why not apply for a Gold loan from the luxury of your home. You can visit Ruloans and compare interest rates of Gold loan to find the best deal for you.

2.Apply for Gold loan by visiting the Bank:

The age old technique shows how one can take his/her gold and visit the Bank branch. Here, your gold will be evaluated by the Bank and they will accordingly tell you how much loan you can get. (Maximum will be 75%* of your gold’s value). You must carry a few KYC documents to show identity and address proof at least.

3.You can now request door-step evaluation of your gold:

Yes, you heard it right. Due to the lockdown, coming out of the house has become difficult. Hence you can now opt for this special service where the Bank or NBFC will send an executive to verify and evaluate your gold. The loan amount will be decided and agreed upon. In order to be safe, we advise you to always verify the credentials of the executive who will be coming to your house in advance.

We hope this information helps you get the best gold loan at the earliest. Using these funds, you will be able to sort all expenses and also plan for future expenses. This is an amazing way you can restart right. Like always, for the best deals on Gold loan in India, you can always count on Ruloans.

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