Important Facts related to Doctor Loans in India

Doctor Loans in India are special professional loans designed to meet the business needs of Doctors. This loan amount is given to them so they can,

  • ■ Use the amount to build a clinic.
  • ■ Buy new medical equipment (state of the art)
  • ■ Get the latest medicines
  • ■ Also, hire resourceful and skilled staff

Ruloans wishes to provide the best Doctor Loans in India so that every Doctor can continue his/her practice to the best of their abilities and continue treating patients.

Here are some features and benefits of a Doctor Loan in India:

The most important features and benefits of business loan for doctors are listed below:

Quick Processing time:

Doctor loans are quickly approved and sometimes if everything goes right, you can get them approved within 2-3* working days too.

Easy to apply process:
The specialty of Doctor loans in India is that it involves minimum paperwork and hence is easy to apply. They also offer the lowest interest rates on Doctor loans.

Easy Repayment is possible:

Doctor loans have easy repayment options that can get extended too. The tenure will depend from lender to lender.

Quick Disbursal options:
Loan approval is not just the only benefit. Doctor loans also get quickly disbursed within a few hours of your loan application approval.

Part Payment Facility:
There are chances that a few lenders will allow part payment facility for Doctor loans. Please check with the Bank before you apply.

Pre-approved Loans:
Depending on Bank to Bank, you can get pre-approved loans too. Check regularly with your lender for new offers and benefits.


Q. Who can apply for a Doctor (business) loan in India?

Any Indian citizen that meets education qualifications, work experience of a Doctor can apply for a business loan for doctors.

Q. Can Ayurvedic or Homeopathic specialist doctors apply for this special business loan in India?

Yes. But this is subject to various lenders. You will have to find these lenders and then apply for a Doctor loan.

Q. Will the bank charge a processing fee on my doctor (business) loan?

Yes, there are certain banks that will charge a processing fee on a business loan for doctors. But this is subject to various lenders. Kindly check before applying. We hope this information has helped you understand the nuances of a Doctor loan in India. If you wish to apply for the best Doctor loan in India, then do apply via Ruloans.

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