3 Amazing Ways a Credit Score Calendar Can Help You Grow

Most of the time, we will give you tips about maintaining your credit score and checking credit reports.

We have always spoken about Credit Score and Credit Reports.

But today we will do something different.

Yes, we will give you information regarding a credit score calendar.

What is a Credit Score calendar?

A credit score calendar is a calendar that you create on your own. This calendar will have important dates like your bill due date, checking updated credit score, etc.

Why is it important to keep a Credit Score calendar?

A Credit Score calendar helps you stay disciplined so you not only make payments on time but also you end up improving your credit score to the highest level.

How can I create a credit score calendar?

We have created a list of steps that you can follow to make your credit score calendar. Just follow these steps and you will end up being more disciplined than ever.

1. Pick a date that suits your bills:

Choose a date first. Once you are done, you will check your credit score on that date. Follow this activity every month on the date you chose. Any change that takes place in your credit score can be found here. If it is growing, that’s good for you. If it’s going down, then it’s a cause of worry. You will have to check if you missed any payments.

2. Not just score, Check your credit report too:

Reading your credit report is perhaps under-rated. You must start doing so now so that you will understand every aspect of your report. Checking it once a month will help you check for errors or any mistakes you committed. Each time a mistake happens, you will learn the impact it has on your credit score.

3. Helps you plan the best time to apply for loans:

Yes, the credit score calendar will help you plan the best time to apply for a loan. You want to know how? It’s simple. Firstly you will keep checking your credit score once a month. Assuming for any month your score was 730. After 4-6 months, that score has jumped to 805.

Now experts usually say that a score above 750 is considered good and above 800 allows Banks to give you the best deals. So this becomes a good time for you to apply for loans. You can get lower interest rates and end up saving a lot of money. Do you now see the benefits of maintaining this calendar?

4. Review, Update, and Repeat:

Just creating a calendar is not enough. Once every 3-6 months, check if your score has been improving. If your credit score is increasing, then you’re going on the right track. But if your score is reducing, then it’s time to review your credit report. Make some updates in it and monitor it post 3-6 months.

Remember that this is a continuous activity and hence you must stay updated. This will help you grow your credit score a lot. We hope this post helped you understand the importance of a credit score.

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