Work from Home & Earn High Income with Ruloans “Refer N Earn”

Total cases in India – 9,00,000+

Are people in trouble – Yes

Have people lost income & jobs – Yes

Have Doctors struggled – Yes

We have seen many people all over India whether daily wage labor, salaried individuals, self-employed professionals, and also businessmen lose income, jobs, business, and shut shops.

This has impacted everything. People have no money to buy essentials like groceries, medicines, etc. Doctors on the other hand are struggling as they are working overtime. They too wish to help people but cannot do so until they can improve their types of equipment and facilities.

What if we told you about a solution where you and the Doctor can help each other? Yes, we at Ruloans came up with a WIN-WIN solution where both parties can benefit. That solution is “Refer N Earn”.

What is Ruloans Refer “N” Earn program for Doctors?

Ruloans “Refer N Earn for Doctors” is a special program where an individual/person can refer a Doctor they know that needs funds for his clinic. Yes, you must be visiting one doctor who can be your family doctor/neighborhood doctor.

If you get to know that they require funds and a Doctor loan can help them, then all you have to do is refer their details to us. Here are the steps to this special program.

Steps in Ruloans Refer “N” Earn program for Doctors:

Step 1 – You will visit –

Step 2 – You will then fill in your basic details.

Step 3 – Next you will fill the details of Doctor.

Step 4 – Sit back and relax. Your work is done!

Step 5 – Ruloans will contact the Doctor and understand his/her loan requirement.

Step 6 – The Doctor’s loan application will be submitted.

Step 7 – On loan disbursal, you will be notified and then given a payout (commission).

Step 8 – Keep referring Doctors you know. More leads will give you more income.

We know that people have been working from home and have lost a lot of income. Hence with our special Refer N Earn for Doctors program, we wish to ensure that every person and Doctor has money so they can fulfill all their professional and personal needs.

If you know about any Doctor that needs a Doctor loan urgently, then FILL THIS FORM. Ruloans will get in touch with these doctors and provide them with the funds so they can buy latest equipment, purchase the best medicines, and employ experienced staff.

To know more about this special program, do visit our web portal and click on Refer N Earn.

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