Refer-N-Earn Program: Your Quick Money Work-from-Home Plan

What’s a Refer-N-Earn Program?

A referral program to promote a product or a service for a monetary or non-monetary incentive may be referred to as Refer-N-Earn or refer-and-earn program. A referral program forms an important element of the arsenal of any good management professional. This marketing tool or tactic inspires an existing customer or client to recommend a brand or product to a family member, an office colleague, or a friend for a reward that may be in cash or in kind. This kind of marketing tool has an association with the age-old word-of-mouth marketing technique.

A referral program has the ability to engage in meaningful dialogue with a prospective customer who has been referred by an existing customer. Happy with a product, an existing customer easily refers another prospect to a marketer who motivates this satisfied client with an incentive per referral. The lead generated and passed on to the marketer has the capacity to be a good lead for conversion due to the goodwill of the referee.

The fact that more than 90 percent of customers trust peer recommendations from known people gives the referral technique an advantage over traditional advertising and marketing routes. Trust-based marketing despite changing form has played a role of a game-changer in many strategic marketing successes. The factor of loyalty reaps rich rewards when a marketer uses this marketing tool.

Lately, with the advent of online digital marketing, referral marketing has spearheaded a cluttered market to reach out and convert referral prospects to loyal customers. The changing faces of referral techniques have seen the addition of online and mobile applications dedicated to generating leads, engaging in meaningful communication with the leads, conversion of leads into customers, and engaging the customer acquired in meaningful dialogue to increase loyalty towards a brand, product, or service.

A legendary marketing professional once said, “you don’t sell a product, you buy a relationship.” Ruloans’ referral program has kick-started a similar dialogue, “Refer-N-Earn” to build a healthy and wealthy relationship with existing and new customers.

Ruloans Refer-N-Earn Program

Ruloans has on offer great ideas for finance, and one of these happens to be the Refer-N-Earn Program; a well-executed system that supercharges a person to grow in terms of earnings in cash, and goodwill. What started as a great idea, has now transformed into a secondary source of income for many. From the point of loan seeker referrals to the conversion of leads to approval and disbursal of loans, and referral commissions calculation and earnings transfers, this online software has made many rich.

Why must you be an active member of the Ruloans Refer-N-Earn Program?

Ruloans operates as a large financial distributor with a wide network presence of loan agents across more than 18+ cities in India. One of the largest players in the loans market, the company also has a very strong presence online, with the core tech team functioning from Mumbai.

Unlike any other referral program, Ruloans’ Refer-N-Earn does not need you to work with complex time-consuming applications and software to generate, track, and convert leads, to earn; no cold call to make, no explanations and sales talk, no follow-ups and convincing to do. You don’t even have to go to the office with this RNE Work-from-Home Plan.

Once you register for the RNE Program online, you just have to send in the details of persons who you feel require borrowing support or loans of any kind. The person may be a family member, an office colleague, a friend, or an acquaintance. Once Ruloans receives your referrals, the loans team gets in touch and does the rest. You don’t have to do any legwork for documentation or verification. The Ruloans team does this for you, and when the loan gets approval and disbursal takes place, your commissions are transferred automatically to your ‘Earnings Account’.

What’s more? Your earnings are directly related to your referral’s disbursed loan value or loan amount. Does this mean that the higher the loan value, the bigger the earnings? Yes! Not only that, but there are no caps on the earnings; you can refer as many persons as you want, and you make up to Rs. 99,999* per reference. Ruloans happens to be the best paymaster in the loans industry, whose team secures loans for clients in the shortest possible time and makes sure your payouts reach your earnings account instantly.

Judging from the number of people earning big money from Ruloans Refer-N-Earn Home Plan, Ruloans has the best quick-money solution for loans seekers, as well as people who refer loan seekers.

Get on board the ‘Ruloans Refer-A-Loan Program bandwagon’, and kick-start a journey to wealth.

Click here to register now and Refer-N-Earn from Home!

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