Top 3 Reasons to Join as “Partner” in Ruloans Partner Mobile App

Ruloans has launched their maiden mobile app called as “Ruloans Partner”. The purpose of this app is to improve business connectivity and also showcase our brand. Through the app, we shall be dealing in secured and unsecured loans like personal, business, home, car, gold, loan against property and credit card.

There are 2 choices for you in this app;

Join as a “Partner” where you will handle loan business in a certain region. As per the loan products mentioned above, you can generate leads in that region that might need any loan. Your task would be to get their entire loan application ready and submit it to us. Your reward will be in terms of a payout once the loan is disbursed.

Join as a “Refer and Earn” where you will refer potential customers that require any loan. You must fill in their details on our app and we shall take this forward by contacting them. Once the loan lead is disbursed, you shall receive a payout (commission).

What are the top 3 reasons of joining as a partner in Ruloans partner mobile app?

Earn higher income:

With Ruloans partner app, you can take your business the digital way. With every loan lead converted, you earn income. That goes without saying; you can earn higher income with the number of leads you convert. Hence, this is an amazing opportunity.

Growing in terms of career:

Being a Ruloans partner has its own perks. You can improve your network in the region where you will conduct business. Being a part of Ruloans family, you get to connect with pioneers in the loan industry that can help you grow in your career.

Save time and be your own boss:

With our app, you can save a lot of time and be a smart worker. All of your running around with the file is limited. This is because you can submit a lot of details on our app. This helps you to be a smart worker which is better than a hard worker. You can be your own boss and work as your convenience.

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