The Race of Patience – Investments and Loans

For a middle class Indian, loans and investments are two words that are part of more than 60% of his life. While investments are limited and can be delayed, loans are taken up very early in life and we end up paying until our retirement age arrives.

When it comes to investments, everyone wants to double their money and increase their wealth as fast as possible. But, that is not possible. Investment is a long term plan which gives you many benefits if you can be patient.

Hence investments and loans are part of the race which we all are taking part in. Only the ones who can wait for a longer period and stay consistently on track can win.


When we talk about investments, there are many in the market which you can opt for.

  1. Banking options:

You can opt for Fixed deposits where the rate of interest is predefined. You invest a onetime amount and get extra interest amount at the end of each year.

You can also opt for Recurring deposits which is like the modified version of Fixed deposits as here you can pre decide an amount and invest it every month.

The next option is of a PPF which is public provident fund where you can invest any amount but can only withdraw after the minimum lock in period of 7 years*.

  1. Stock Market options:

You can opt for shares of any company. Here, you can buy few shares listed on the market for a fee and wait until it gives you a good profit amount.

You can also opt for SIP which is systematic investment plan. Like recurring deposits, you can pre decide a set amount which will be deducted each month to buy shares. This is the most popular option among the masses.

You can opt for investing in mutual funds. A mutual fund has many people who invest different amounts. This amount is together invested in the market by the fund manager. On the performance of those investments, you get profits.

In general, Banking options are safer than Stock Market options as market fluctuations cannot be predicted. Moreover, you can make a fortune in the stock market faster than investments made in the Banking options.

When we talk about loans, all of them need careful consideration before you choose the best. We shall explain two types of loans which are famous in the market and why you must be careful while choosing any of the loans;

  1. Personal loans:

Getting a personal loan in a city like Mumbai can be done in an instant. Because it happens to be one of the most popular loans which can help you with multipurpose needs.  Before you could choose a bank, you need to check your eligibility in order to get the personal loan. Once you can fulfill the eligibility, compare personal loan interest rates and choose the best bank.

  1. Mortgage Loans/Loan against property:

Getting a loan against property in India works well for those who need a higher loan amount. By mortgaging your property, you can get a loan value which is equal to 40 to 65%*. Before you could choose a bank, you need to check your eligibility in order to get the loan against property. Once you can fulfill the eligibility, compare mortgage loan interest rates and choose the best bank.

Ruloans Advice:

In this race of patience, we recommend you to;

  1. Choose the best loans by understanding all the charges and fees mentioned.
  2. Plan your investments well and wait for a longer term.
  3. Ensure that both these plans go hand in hand with full discipline.

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