Is HDFC Gold Loan the only option in emergencies?

HDFC Gold loans have been the savior for thousands of customers all over India in times of emergencies. Using the gold, customers pledge it as collateral and then apply for an HDFC best gold loan.

As per the customer’s loan eligibility and gold value, HDFC gives them a loan amount. This loan process can get approved within 24 hours and hence this makes gold loans one of the best options during emergencies. But we wish to tell you that gold loans are not just the only option available for you during emergencies. There are some more options too:

  1. 1. Credit Cards:

For those who don’t know, credit cards often carry a huge credit limit that you can utilize. In times of emergencies you can swipe your credit card and make payments. You can also request the Bank to increase your limit that allows you to be ready during emergencies.

  1. 2. Loans on credit cards:

You must also know that you can get a loan on your credit cards. The loan amount will depend on your eligibility and also on your bill repayment pattern. This loan gets approved quickly and hence you can utilize the cash during emergencies.

  1. 3. Pre approved Personal loans:

As a customer you might have noticed your Bank sending you email and SMS that you are eligible to get a pre approved personal loan worth _____ rupees. These loans are paperless and hence the time taken for approval is merely a few hours. You can use this loan amount during emergencies.

There are multiple loans that can be taken during emergencies but time is of the essence. Hence people usually prefer gold loans to sort out their problems. But that’s not just the only option and hence we have given you a list that you can consider from!

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