Improve Your Finances with 3 Smart Decisions

How easy is it to save money?

For some, it is a daunting task. For some, they do not realize how all the money gets spent and finally for some, they fail to save how much they had planned to. Hence, we at Ruloans find this topic as a serious concern. We have come up with certain decisions which can help you save more money. These 3 smart decisions will help you in saving more and spending diligently.

Use your Credit Card statements:

Did you know you can use your debit card and credit card statements to understand all your purchases and expenses? Yes, with these statements, you can track all your unnecessary transactions that could have been avoided.

This can help you save money on unnecessary spending. This can also help you plan your expenditure well.

Auto payments:

When it comes to discipline in money matters, most of us would fail the test at least once. When it comes to paying a bill or an EMI of your personal loan, some either are too lazy to make the payment, some forget that they had to pay it before the due date and finally some don’t have the money to pay it.

One solution for all this is by scheduling your payments wherever possible. Using net-banking, you can schedule most of your utility payments and even your instant personal loan EMI + credit card bills. These would be paid on the date you schedule it for every month. Hence there is no need for you to worry about defaulting on EMI and bill payments as the scheduler will do the work and you can relax.

Utilize saving options:

Did you know that you can utilize many benefits from your credit cards? There are credit cards which are given with specific benefits. Some of these benefits are related to the travel miles, food, movies, cash back etc. Hence when you apply for the best credit card in India, you can check for the benefits being offered and choose accordingly.

You can also opt for balance transfers. In case the bank where you have your existing credit card/loan has a higher rate of interest and if some other bank is offering lower interest rates, then you can opt for a balance transfer of your mortgage loan/credit card as the case maybe. This might help you save the interest amount.

Ruloans Advice:

There are many ways to save and you can do them easily with discipline. Pay off your bills and reduce your spending. Once that happens, you can save a good amount of money and put it to good use. You can use it as a corpus fund to be used in emergencies or invest in mutual funds/savings schemes etc.

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