Get a Doctor loan @ 10.85%*. Find out how you can get this special deal

Medicine has been one of the most honoured professions in India. Yes, our elders have considered choosing this as a profession or ensuring that their child enters this profession as well.

Even in the 21st century, medicine is still one of the most sought after professions. After the impact of Ebola, Swine-flu, and the latest COVID-19, everyone understands the need for frontline staff like nurses, medical workers, and Doctors.

Anyone in this profession knows that the investment amount is huge, not just for education but also for professional purposes. The costs can be related to tuition fees for education, setting up a clinic, getting the latest equipment, medicines, etc for professional purposes.

But having so much of funds is not always possible. This can falter the success and progress of our doctors. Hence to ensure that this doesn’t happen and money doesn’t become an obstacle, we have a solution called “Doctor Loans/Physician Loans“.

With these unique professional loans tailor-made for Doctors, one can set up their clinic, get the latest equipment, employ experienced staff, get the latest medicines, and treat patients so they get healthy.

As times are difficult right now with the lockdown, Ruloans decided to launch a special scheme for Doctors so they can run their service without any worry of funds. Our special scheme will give them the highest loan amount at the lowest rate of interest. Here are the scheme details for Doctor/Physician loans:

Special rate – 10.85%*

Processing fees – Flat rate of 4,999/-

Loan amount – Minimum 10 lakhs

Isn’t this great? Yes, we know that the interest rates are quite lower than other offers. That’s what makes this a special offer for our beloved Doctors. So if you wish to Apply for the Best Doctor Loan, then you can do so by visiting

Alternatively, if you know a Doctor who needs this loan, you can send that information to us via our “Refer N Earn” page. On each successful referral, we will pay you a good commission. So you can stay safe at home and earn good money too. Don’t miss out on this opportunity.

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