7 Finance Vows To Make With Your Partner To Have A Happy Married Life

No marriage is perfect or happy. You have to work very hard with your partner to make your marriage a blissful and successful journey of lifetime. You can discuss and solve many personal and family hurdles in your married life in an instance. But when it comes to financial worries, we suggest you plan ahead of time. Plan your finances and set the basic rules with your better half before getting married so you don’t have to spend days in financial crunch or having awkward discussions and fights.
So make sure you make these 7 finance vows to your partner to have a happy married life.

Vow 1: Promise to never hide any spending or debts from each other
As you will be sharing your life together, you will be together for good and for worst. So if you spend more than needed or could not pay your debts, do let your partner know. Your partner will help you manage your spending or pay off your multiple debts by making a joint finance plan. The sooner you tell your partner, the better.

Vow 2: Promise to talk about your finances and shared goals
Everyone has certain finance goals in their lives. Be it a smaller goal or a huge one; make sure you talk about them with your partner. May be it’s about buying a house or a car, having a world tour or staring a charity; share your finance goals with your partner. Understand his/her goals as well and try to share them and achieve together.

Vow 3: Promise to share the household expenses proportionately
Now-a-days many households have both the partners earning their livelihood. When you and your partner both are earning, you can achieve higher finance goals. Plan your finances combining your income. Save more, invest wisely and pay for your household expenses proportionately. Remember, the equality in spending for household needs will build a stronger relationship.

Vow 4: Promise to start saving and preparing for your lifetime goals
In a marriage your ultimate lifetime goal is supposed to be your family’s accumulative happiness. You may have to make many sacrifices and adjustments to achieve this goal. Many of these depend on strong financial backings. So discuss with your partner what you want to achieve for the betterment of your family and start saving accordingly. Make savings in fixed deposits, mutual funds and recurring accounts to achieve your lifetime goals.

Vow 5: Promise to start saving for emergency funds
Emergencies are often bad in financial terms. Be it a medical emergency, personal emergency or professional emergency, it can drill a hole in your pocket. Considering the unpredictable nature of emergencies, save for an emergency fund. Decide an amount and save it in a safe place where you can withdraw the amount whenever needed. Also, make sure that you use this fund only when it’s really needed and there is no other option. The sooner you start saving for an emergency fund, the better.

Vow 6: Promise to never hold any financial mistakes on each other
We are human beings and we learn essentially from our mistakes. Nobody is perfect and mistakes happen by accident. If a financial mistake happens in future, don’t let it affect your marriage. Instead of holding or pointing financial mistakes on each other, you should concentrate on solving the problem. For this you can use your emergency fund and also the savings. Your financial plan will help you resolve the issues.

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