Documentation required for HDFC Gold loans

HDFC is one of the most premier Banks that has been successfully running Banking operations in India. They provide multiple loan schemes, insurance schemes and also a variety of deposits all over India. With a huge customer base, they cater to a lot of customer’s needs and give them the solution they need.

HDFC offers varieties of loans like personal loans, business loans, home loans, car loans and even gold loans. Their gold loan process is one of the easiest and quickest in the loan industry. Hence whenever you require urgent cash, HDFC gold loan can be the best solution.

For those who have no idea, you don’t need any kind of income proof when applying for the best gold loan purely because the collateral kept against the loan is your own personal gold. Therefore, Gold loans are termed as secured loans and you get a lower rate of interest to repay to the Bank.

On the same hand if you would opt for a personal loan or a credit card, both are unsecured loans and hence would carry a higher rate of interest! Hence you would see more and more people daily applying for gold loans.

If you’re wondering what kind of documentation is required then let us inform you that the only two things required are; “Your gold” and few documents out of the following:

  • Your Passport (Not expired)
  • Your Driving license (Not expired)
  • Your Voters’ ID Card
  • Your Aadhaar Card issued by UIDAI
  • Your PAN (Permanent Account Number) / Form 60
  • One-Two Passport Size Photographs

If you’re worried about the security, please note that lenders that process gold loans have one of the most secure places and hence you should not be worried because your gold will be in safe hands.

If you’re convinced, apply for HDFC gold loan today and get the solution to all of your problems. Click on the link to apply –

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