Celebrate a Grand Christmas with a Personal Loan

Christmas is a festival of new beginnings and gifts. A new year followed by Christmas is a great reason to make resolution and plans for the year ahead. This time of year in India is celebrated esthetically with open arms. A festive period can means gifts, shopping and buying something new. When it comes to gifts and shopping, it can surely be expensive financially. But don’t worry! By opting for a personal loan via Ruloans, you can fulfill your Christmas dreams without any constraints. We have come up with reason as to why you should choose a personal loan to celebrate this festival of kindness and joy.

  1. To Consolidate Your Debts:

When it comes to financial debts, we strongly recommend clearing off a high-interest debt by taking a low-interest debt. If you happen to have multiple debts, you can’t concentrate on the celebrations and enjoy the festivities with family in peace. So we suggest you to combine your debts under one umbrella. By opting for a personal loan, you can pay off your multiple debts and be answerable to only one, which is a more hassle-free solution! Also you can clear your credit card bills by choosing personal loan for a balance transfer this Christmas. So buy as expensive gifts via your credit card and pay the bill via personal loan to avoid any penalties. This will also allow you to enjoy lower interest rates.

  1. It Offer You Adjustable Sum Of Loan:

Based on various criteria like level of income, employment history, credit score and scope for repayment, you can get a personal loan ranging anywhere between Rs. 1,00,000 to Rs. 20,00,000. This way you can spend more in this festival season on your desired items. Though this also depends on the bank, the amount has always been extremely flexible.

  1. Easy EMI:

Many banks now-a-days offer their customers to use ultra modern facility of EMI calculator. The calculator comes with two scales: loan amount and tenure. Here you can choose your desired loan amount and tenure to pay it off. The calculator tells you the interest rate, processing fee and can help you to choose most suitable loan option as per your budget. So utilize funds for this Christmas and pay off by using easy EMI schemes.

  1. Flexible Tenure:

With easy EMI options, banks and NBFCs offer attractive tenure to pay off the loan. You can pay off the loan in tenure of 1 to 5 years. Some banks also offer a tenure of 7 years which depends on your profile and finance history.

So don’t wait for a secret Santa this Christmas to get your gifts! Be one and choose Ruloans! Click here to check your eligibility for a personal loan.

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