Benefits of being a DSA

Most of us do not like to be working under someone. We would like to work for ourselves. Yes, most of us dream of opening up something of our own right from a business to a restaurant and much more. What if we told you there is an opportunity that could help you be your own boss?


We at Ruloans have an opportunity where you can join our DSA partner program. Think of this as a business opportunity and also as a challenge. Also, there are many benefits associated with becoming a business associate with Ruloans:

You are the boss:

Most of us do not like working under someone and slogging all our work lives. We wish to do something of our own and invest our time and effort in something that will give us more wealth. Being a business associate with Ruloans is a place where you can exactly do this. You can work flexible hours, generate many leads and earn more.

Working with an established brand like Ruloans:

We at Ruloans are growing with each year. Ruloans is India’s fastest growing loan distributor. Working with such a brand is an opportunity of a lifetime. With our PAN India presence, you can extend your network from local to national.

Setting up your business at no cost:

To begin any business, you need a lot of capital and sometimes even take a loan to begin a new business. Here at the DSA Program, all you need to invest is your time, effort and social communication skills.

Growth and Remuneration:

Being a business associate with Ruloans helps you earn profits with your first clients itself. You get a payout once each month and hence more leads converted means more payouts for you. Also working with Ruloans helps you expand your professional network, develop better communication skills and increase your knowledge and skills in the loan sector.

Find out more about our DSA program by clicking here

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