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We offer a plethora of fixed deposit schemes to help you grow your money with ease.


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Overview of Deposits


ICICI Bank has been helping customers in the market to save their money since a very long time. With "fixed deposits". they help you save money and also earn interest on it.

You can trust ICICI Home Finance and watch your wealth grow safely. We say this because they have been given the "highest degree of safety" credit ratings as per the industry i.e. FAAA/Stable by CRISIL, MAAA/Stable by ICRA & AAA/Stable by CARE.

With ICICI, you can now open a Fixed Deposit Account easily via the Internet or Phone Banking or even by simply visiting your nearest ICICI Bank branch. The advantage of Fixed Deposits is that they are not market-driven. If you invest in fixed deposits, you would surely get an assured return at the end of the maturity period.


Deposite Key Features

  • As mentioned earlier, ICICI HFC FD has received the highest rating "AAA Stable" by reputed credit agencies i.e. CRISIL, CARE & ICRA.
  • With ICICI HFC Fixed deposits, you get higher returns that can be used to achieve your financial goals. They also offer 0.25%* more for senior citizens.
  • You can enjoy convenient withdrawals with flexible tenure options ranging between 1-10 years.
  • The online process is quick and convenient. You can also visit more than 140+ ICICI HFC branches and start the process.
  • You can start investments as low as Rs 10,000 and with small and regular payments on monthly, quarterly or annually.
  • As a fixed deposit investor, you can get a loan against your deposit. Please note that the loan amount will be up to 75%* of your loan amount.
  • Interest rates will be 2%* higher than your deposit.