Why a Valuator should join the DSA Loan partner program by Ruloans

A valuator is a professional who officially estimates the current market price of the property. They use a lot of factors which is considered while valuing the property. They have to constantly be in touch with the market trends and the growth of our economy for which they have to be updated with current affairs of the nation with regards to the country.

A property valuator works for both; the buyer and seller. They also work for the bank whenever someone needs to either take a loan against property or a personal loan.

At Ruloans, we understand this effort and hence have come up with a special and exclusive. Your job here would be to share a loan lead with us. In your case, it would be a buyer of a property and also the builders who might need a loan for purchasing a new home or constructing a new building altogether. At Ruloans, there are 2 ways how this works; in the first scenario you complete the entire process and submit the file to us and in the other scenario you share the lead with us, we contact the lead, follow up with them throughout the loan procedure and maintain the file. You earn incentives on each loan lead converted. Yes, once their loan is disbursed, you get a payout. The USP of Ruloans is that you can expect a payout faster than any other player in the market. Hence more leads will account to a higher payout for you.

Working with us gives you a chance to connect with our brand which has a PAN India presence. Being a loan partner with experience in just one loan product, working with Ruloans will allow you to expand your work by serving other loan products as well. You can work as per you own convenience and earn extra profits. As a loan partner, you are trusted with professionalism and guarantee of precision and quality work. We at Ruloans share the same values as you do. So do join us to help our customers borrow right as we believe in much more than money.

Apply now to join the Loan Partner Program with Ruloans.

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