Top 9 Benefits of Joining Ruloans DSA program

Everyone wants to be successful and earn a lot of money. But with full time jobs a fixed salary limits your potential. What if there was a job where you could earn as much as you can and there was no limit?

Ruloans has the answer to this question – “Ruloans loan DSA program”. Our project allows individuals to join us as our Business Associate / Direct Selling Agent.

Who is a DSA?

A DSA or a direct selling agent is a person who can develop an understanding of the products we offer to customers. They are supposed to generate leads for all financial products Ruloans has to offer. On each lead, the DSA can earn benefits.

Who can become a DSA?

Any individual that has good communication skills and good knowledge of finance/banking can become a registered DSA for Ruloans. Anyone right from a CA, doctor, real estate broker, working professional, self employed personnel can become a DSA with Ruloans.

What are the benefits of becoming a DSA with Ruloans?

There are multiple benefits of joining the Ruloans Direct Selling Agency program and becoming our DSA. Here we have listed our Top 9:

  • As our partner, you can earn a huge amount through bank dsa commissions.
  • You can be your own boss and work as per your convenience.
  • As a Ruloans DSA, all you have to do is refer all kinds of loan leads to us. Ruloans will continue with the loan application process.
  • As a Ruloans DSA loan agent you can widen your network and establish new contacts that will help you earn lot of income.
  • When you join our DSA program, you become a part of this promising and high-potential industry.
  • We must tell you that you can pursue your own business or work in your job along with being a DSA with Ruloans!
  • There is no need of Deposit or Investments.
  • Ruloans offers lucrative slab-wise incentives.
  • Being part of Ruloans gives you recognition as a channel partner of a national loan distribution house.

If we have convinced you in any way to join our partner program, kindly apply on this form –

Alternatively you can call on 1800 266 7576 or mail us at [email protected]


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