This Winter Bring Joy home with a pre owned car!

Winter is slowly approaching and with that the party and travel season will begin. Considered as one of the most joyous and festive occasions, people buy gifts for each other and also travel wherever they want.

We at Ruloans feel that buying a car can be one of the best gifts you can give to yourself or to your family. While you might think that new cars are costly, we agree with you. Hence our solution to this is a second hand car. You can take help of a used car loan and purchase the car of your dreams.

If you’re still not sure we will give you 3 good reasons why you must purchase a second hand car!

A second hand car fits your budget:

While purchasing a car, budget becomes the prime issue because new cars are priced very high. On the same hand when you look for a used car, you can purchase a car model at low pricing. Hence people now opt for second hand cars.

You can choose better Car Models:

You can choose the car model of your choice and apply for a used car loan through Banks and NBFCs. The best part of used cars is that because of the low costing, you can look for high end second hand cars as they might fall in your budget.

Used car loan has Quick Approvals:

For those who don’t know, Banks and NBFCs have minimum eligibility criteria for used car loan. You can get your pre owned car loan approved within 72 hours*.  Yes, imagine in such a short period of time you can buy your dream car and bring it home.


We suggest you to apply for a used car loan via Ruloans as you can get the best deals from multiple Banks and NBFCs. You can choose and compare for loan offers online. Apply today by clicking here –

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