Top 3 Reasons to Join as “Refer and Earn” in Ruloans Partner Mobile App

Ruloans has launched their maiden mobile app called as “Ruloans Partner”. The purpose of this app is to improve business connectivity and also showcase our brand. Through the app, we shall be dealing in secured and unsecured loans like personal, business, home, car, gold, loan against property and credit card.

There are 2 choices for you in this app;

Join as a “Refer and Earn” where you can work part time and generate loan leads in your region. These can be friends, relatives, colleagues who need a certain loan. Fill in their details on our app along with their loan requirement. We shall do the remaining work. Once the loan lead is converted, you earn a payout (commission).

Join as a “Partner” where you work full time in a certain region. We shall help you create a hub (office) where you can be your own boss and handle a team of your own. You can generate leads and convert them to earn maximum payouts. The difference is that as a Partner, you are expected to find the lead, complete the whole loan application and then submit it to us.

What are top 3 reasons to join as a Refer and Earn in Ruloans partner mobile app?

Part time work:

For those who have little free time from their full time job or are not working currently, they can use this as a new job opportunity where there is a lot to learn and a lot to earn.

Quicker payouts:

Ruloans is known as the brand that provides quicker payouts than the competition. So working with such a prestigious brand assures you to get payment on time every month.

Opportunity to be a Partner:

In case your work as “refer and earn” is above our expectations, we can consider the option of giving you the opportunity to join as our partner and work full time.

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